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25 March 2022

Comment: P&O Ferries admit to breaking the law with job cuts

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This week, P&O Ferries have openly admitted that they did not comply with the consultation element for planned redundancies. Tatiana Dall, trainee solicitor in our Employment team, has commented. 

Peter Hebblethwaite’s astounding open admission that P&O Ferries were aware of, and indeed opted not to comply with the consultation element for planned redundancies, will mean that Unions will no doubt consider with its members, whether to pursue employment claims and/or negotiate the compensation being offered. This decision was made intentionally by the business as they predicted no union would accept their proposal. It seems therefore, that P&O intended to omit this statutory requirement altogether and generously compensate the workers instead.

Mr Hebblethwaite has pointed to commercial factors that caused this drastic decision to be made, such that the business would cease to exist if the business model was not radically changed. If the workers accept the compensation offered, they may lose rights to pursue further legal action against P&O. Time will tell which avenue to compensation workers will choose to pursue.

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