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16 May 2022

Comment: severe delays to all UK visa applications continue

2 mins

Severe delays to applications for UK student, work, and family visas have reached a high in recent weeks as the Home Office prioritises visas for those fleeing Ukraine.

Emma Cohen, associate in our Immigration, Asylum and Nationality team, comments: 

Home Office delays with visa applications of all kinds are becoming a huge concern and are preventing people from coming to the UK to work, join family and visit. The Home Office has suspended all priority visa services and has indicated that all visa applications will take longer than usual due to priority being given to applications from Ukrainians.

The service standard for family visa applications was increased last week from 12 weeks to 24 weeks, meaning that families face waits of six months from when their visa applications were made, and potentially a long separation as a result. Whilst it is of course very important for Ukrainians to be issued with visas, this should not mean such serious delays for everyone else. We urge the Home Office to allocate more resources urgently so all visa applications can be considered within a reasonable time.

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