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14 May 2020

Coronavirus: More visa extensions urged for foreign key workers

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Abigail Evans comments on today's BBC article calling for visa extenstions for foreign key workers. 

Abigail said: “In a week which saw a return to work for some people, many foreign key workers are entering into their 9th week on the frontline of battling the Covid-19 crisis.   While the government has made some concessions to allow foreign medical staff (and now radiographers and social workers) to extend their visas beyond their normal expiration without charge, it has completely failed to provide any assistance to the thousands of low-pay support staff such as porters, cleaners and administrative assistants.  These people are also part of the NHS and their roles are vital, the lack of assistance for them is another sign of this government’s discriminatory policies towards migrants and those on low incomes.” 

For further comment or if you need advice please contact Abigail here. 

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