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26 October 2022

Leading specialist law firm Bindmans launches new identity and website ahead of 50th anniversary

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Bindmans has revealed a refreshed brand identity and new website to reposition the firm for the future.

The award-winning multidisciplinary law firm will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024, marking half a century of exceptional success. Ranked as a top-tier firm by the legal directories, Bindmans is best known for its successful track record in human rights, as highlighted on the Bindmans History page.

However, significant growth and an expansion of services, including high net worth individuals, businesses and organisations, prompts a modification to Bindmans existing brand communications to stay in step with the direction of the firm.

To align the brand with the expanded service offering, Bindmans commissioned a brand identity, voice and messaging review. A key consideration in the review was to make sure the firm’s values of ‘purposeful, rigorous and progressive’ and its strong social responsibility credentials were brought to the fore in all future communications.

Bindmans founder Sir Geoffrey Bindman KC (Hon) says:

It is hard to believe that it is nearly 50 years since the firm first opened its doors at the other end of Gray’s Inn Road. We began with high ideals but few management skills and our survival in the early years was always in doubt. That the firm not only survived but achieved its present size and reputation is a tribute to the talent, dedication and hard work of many people who have every reason to be proud. An even greater satisfaction to me is that this has happened without any dilution or diminution of those ideals and aims with which the firm began.

Managing Partner Jon Crocker says:

Bindmans continues to achieve growth whilst staying true to our values and small firm ethos. Our success is due to the phenomenal talent and skill of our legal teams and as a result of evolving and strengthening our service offering to respond to shifting client and market demands. We have reflected this shift in a refreshed identity and website which I’m confident will set us on a strong course for the coming years.

Bindmans colleagues were engaged throughout the review process, helping to shape and define the brand voice, design and content. Once agreed, the visual identity was refreshed, together with new content and a new website.

The curve of the ‘b’ in the Bindmans logo was the inspiration for the introduction of curved graphic elements and a warm colour palette tailored to the three areas of the business, creating a coherent brand style. Specially commissioned images of Bindmans’ people bring warmth and personality.

The structure of the new website streamlines the user journey, intuitively directing clients to the extended range of services on offer including a new digital knowledge hub and redeveloped regular communications programmes.

The Marketing and Business Development team comment:

We enjoy an enviable reputation as thought leaders and legal pioneers, but as an ethical firm rooted in our values, we also want our brand to reflect our significant impact on society and the environment. Working with Module in a genuinely creative and open way has not just produced an outcome we’re exceptionally proud of, but it has also fostered deeper engagement with our stakeholders and clients, boosting our marketing and business development efforts.

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