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01 October 2021

Comment: the flexibility of working from home - a positive change for working mothers

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Earlier this week, the BBC published an article exploring how working from home has positively impacted the working lives of women – in particular, those who have childcare responsibilities. 

Tina Din, associate in our Employment and Professional Discipline team, comments:

With the end of the furlough scheme now having passed, employers are having to look at the long term implications of employees wanting to work from home. This BBC article discusses how important working from home is to working mothers, allowing them to be able to negotiate the school run and then be able to resume work with little interference. This new working arrangement offers forward thinking and progressive flexibility to women to be able to wear both hats of being both a mother and a worker. There is historical difficulty in retaining female staff in the workforce due to having primary childcare responsibilities. It is clear to see that, where possible, this is a move in the right direction with the objective of establishing a diverse and inclusive workforce where women are able to reach their full potential. 

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