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Dispute Resolution for Businesses

Our commercial litigation solicitors advise businesses on all aspects of dispute resolution, from pre-action correspondence through to all parts of the litigation process, including enforcement and alternative dispute resolution.

Businesses would generally prefer to avoid becoming involved in a dispute, be it with a supplier, competitor or any other third party. However, on occasion, businesses do find themselves in situations where they are in dispute with someone and require legal advice to help them resolve that dispute.

Disputes can come in many forms, but at Bindmans, we are able to assist businesses with the following aspects, so as to make matters less stressful and to hopefully achieve a successful outcome, in as short a time as possible and on a cost-effective basis:

Commercial Litigation

If a successful resolution cannot be agreed between the parties or if other methods of resolving the dispute have not worked, then it may be the case that one of the parties issues formal court proceedings against the other. We can assist businesses in both bringing and defending court claims and can advise parties on all of the necessary procedural steps that need to be followed as part of the court process, together with the likely costs and timescales.

Professional negligence

Your business may have received poor advice from a third-party professional, such as another firm of solicitors, accountants, auditors or surveyors. If you believe that you are in receipt of incorrect advice from a professional and you have suffered a loss as a result of that advice, then you may have a claim of negligence against that professional. Our team of professional negligence lawyers can review your case and assist in bringing a claim against the professional or their insurers.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Not all disputes have to end up in Court. Indeed, the Court rules encourage parties to try to resolve their disputes without the need for formal court proceedings, in order to save on the time and expense of the litigation process. At Bindmans, we can assist businesses in trying to resolve their disputes without the need for formal court proceedings. This may be by way of without prejudice meetings, mediations or other forms of ADR. If you are able to resolve your dispute without the need for formal court proceedings, we would recommend that you do so, as court proceedings are both time-consuming and often expensive, allowing you less time to concentrate on your business needs.

Business Debt Recovery

For most businesses, cashflow is one of the important parts of their business being able to succeed. If you are unable to pay your employees, suppliers or other third parties on time, you are going to need a very understanding bank manager to ensure that you can continue to operate. Most businesses will have payment terms as part of their terms of business and a failure by a third party to pay in accordance with those terms can cause problems for a company’s cashflow. As such it is vitally important that you are paid for your services/goods in accordance with your terms of business. If you are not and are having problems chasing unpaid debts, then Bindmans can help you recover those debts.

We advise clients on the best approach needed to achieve a positive outcome on their behalf. To get in touch with the team, submit an enquiry form here, or call +44 (0)20 7833 4433.

Our team of experts have produced Dispute Resolution Guidance Documents, designed to provide individuals and businesses with information on a range of legal matters and procedures that they might find themselves facing. To view the full range of Guidance Documents available, visit our web page here.

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