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24 August 2020

How to find an independent advisor for an employment settlement agreement?

2 mins

Everyone is aware of the number of retail businesses announcing store closures and staff headcount reductions.  We are experiencing an increased number of redundancy related enquiries with individuals being subjected to expedited redundancy processes that lack objectivity and meaningful consultation. It appears that a number of employers are seeking to push through the redundancy process as quickly as possible to reduce salary cost and overheads but are failing to consider the impact on the employees affected and the potential for unfair dismissal claims by those employees with more than two years’ service. We are also seeing more and more settlement agreement enquiries where we are instructed as an independent adviser to advise on the terms and effect of the agreement proposed.  Many employers have given their employees the impression that the adviser instructed just needs to ‘sign it off.’  Within the Bindmans LLP employment department, we take our role as independent adviser seriously and will always consider the circumstances of the settlement agreement being offered and whether the employee is being fairly and reasonably treated.  We are more than aware that these are difficult times for employers but this does not preclude the requirement for fair and reasoned processes to bring about the end of employment.

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