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21 January 2015

Partner Shazia Khan comments on what the Select Committee Report really means for NHS Whistle blowers

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Partner Shazia Khan of Bindmans LLP comments on the recent House of Commons Select Committee Report “Complaints and Raising Concerns” as yet a further vindication of the appalling experiences of NHS whistleblowers across the country. Sadly this report has not highlighted anything new save for reinforcing what we have know all along. It is about time the Department of Health takes immediate, decisive and practical steps to protect those brave enough to raise their heads above the parapet and risk their livelihoods. At the very least these individuals must be listened to so that early corrective action is taken. We urge NHS Trusts to stop making whistleblowers the problem. Only then can the NHS begin to de-sanitise and mitigate against an unruly blame culture and unsafe practices which remain at large.

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