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30 April 2020

People asking police for domestic abuse past on partners soars during lockdown

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Today The Telegraph reports that people asking police for domestic abuse past on partners has soared. Acting Head of Family Department,  Rosalind Fitzgerald  responds:

“The reports that domestic violence incidents are increasing in lockdown are hugely concerning, and exacerbating that concern is today’s information that Clare’s Law requests are increasing.   Support services for domestic abuse are still available for those in lockdown, and courts are operating remotely for injunctive relief.   It is possible to obtain occupation orders for protection at short notice and the police should continue to use their powers to deal with crimes committed in the home.   It may feel impossible to seek support while in close proximity to an abuser, but professionals in this field will be mindful and careful of privacy and the increased risks involved in seeking help.” 

If you would like to learn more about our work in this area, please contact Rosalind. 

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