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11 August 2020

Suspicionless stop and search powers have to go

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Rachel Harger comments in the Guardian stating that the ethnicity of drivers in traffic stops must be recorded. She says: “Given the increase in the use of section 60 powers and disproportionate targeting of black people with these powers, it is unsurprising that many have greeted police accounts of a misrecorded number plate with scepticism.”

Following Dawn Butler MP being pulled over by officers, campaigners have said the ethnicity of drivers stopped by police – and the reason for the stop – should be routinely recorded. Rachel continued to say that “suspicionless stop and search powers have to go. However, when the police do use these wide draconian discretionary powers they must be able to prove that such a stop is compliant with the Equality Act. For example, that you have not been stopped simply because of your race or ethnicity.

Rachel is a member of our Actions Against the Police team who have experience in dealing with stop and search incidents.

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