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14 December 2020

Why Covid has led to a ‘divorce boom’

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When the pandemic first hit, many speculated that shifts in relationship dynamics due to the lockdown would lead to a surge in divorce rates. It has now been almost a year since the outbreak and unfortunately, this has proven to be true.

Even prior to Covid, divorce rates were high with statistics indicating that 42% of marriages ended in divorce. The pandemic has been an immensely stressful period for most families: couples have been confined together for prolonged periods of time, schools have been closed with childcare not being easily accessible during the first lockdown period and many people have lost their jobs which has led to increasing financial concerns.

Research conducted by the Law Society with Ipsos-MORI has shown a link between obtaining early legal advice and reaching a resolution sooner. Where children are involved, research has also found that conflict between separating couples can have a detrimental effect on them. Divorces can be a stressful period for couples and any children involved, at Bindmans we are committed to helping couples resolve disputes in a constructive and respectful approach.

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