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15 December 2022

Bindmans partner Monika Sobiecki advises Bellingcat on approach to online open source investigations into atrocity crimes

2 mins

The Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) and Bellingcat have published their state-of-the-art, step-by-step methodology for conducting open source investigations. Monika Sobiecki, partner in the Bindmans LLP Media and Information team, and data protection specialist, has provided key advice during the creation of the methodology framework.

The new methodology will provide access to alternative evidence that will enable the fair and successful prosecution of atrocity crimes, in instances where traditional forms of evidence might have been hampered, such as witnesses’ memories fading or changing, or there simply not being enough first-hand evidence to use. By guaranteeing a source of admissible, reliable evidence, the newly published methodology will ensure that courts can place appropriate trust in open source information, and proceed with prosecutions that would not have been possible in the past.

Monika Sobiecki comments:

Bellingcat is at the forefront of citizen journalism today. They are shining a light into wrongdoing where others do not have the skills or resources to do so. We are providing legal support to this new methodology to ensure that their investigations have the rigour and credibility they need to share the benefit of Bellingcat’s investigations with international court processes dealing with atrocity crimes.

For more information about the scope of the project and the impact this will have, visit GLAN’s website here.

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