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26 January 2023

Alice Litman: Healthcare of young transgender woman to be considered at pre-inquest review into self-inflicted death

2 mins
Before HM Coroner Sarah Clarke
Woodvale Coroner’s Court, Brighton
27 January 2023, 13:00

Alice Litman was just 20 years old when she died on 26 May 2022. She was transgender, and had been on the NHS waiting list to receive gender affirming healthcare for over two and a half years.

On Friday 27 January 2023, the first pre-inquest touching Alice’s death will take place.

The family of Alice Litman said:

We believe that Alice died partly because of the inaccessibility of gender-affirming healthcare in the UK.

We want the inquest to examine this to ensure we can get justice for Alice, and change for all the trans people who are facing the same issues.

At the time of her death, Alice had been on the Gender Identity Clinic waiting list for 1,023 days without receiving her first appointment.

We believe the long waiting lists can leave vulnerable trans people feeling hopeless and as though there is no end in sight.

We want to live in a world where transgender people do not face threats to their safety, their autonomy, and their happiness. We all deserve to live in dignity with access to the healthcare we need. We are asking NHS England to prevent future deaths by urgently addressing the crisis in trans healthcare.

Alice’s family are represented by partner Anna Thwaites and consultant solicitor Helen Fry of Bindmans LLP, and Sophie Walker of One Pump Court. Alice’s case is supported by the Good Law Project.

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