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27 June 2012

Bindmans employment partner Shazia Khan speaks to BBC Radio 4 about secret hearings in Employment Tribunals

1 min

Ministers want to extend secret hearings to Britain's civil courts to allow Judges to deal with increasing number of cases involving the intelligence services.

A small number of courts already hold closed sessions to consider appeals from individuals facing deportation on evidence compiled by the security services. But how well does the current system work and should it be extended to other civil courts?  BBC Radio 4’s current affairs programme File on 4 examined a growing trend of closed proceedings including in the Employment Tribunal despite concerns expressed by lawyers and individuals.

Bindmans employment partner Shazia Khan, commenting on the programme said: “I believe in many situations where closed material procedures are invoked, it is highly questionable what the secret evidence amounts to and whether it is a proportionate mean in curtailing one’s fundamental right to know why they’ve been dismissed or why certain decisions have been made in secret behind closed doors.”

Please click on the link below to listen:

Secret Courts (BBC Radio 4 File on 4, 19 June 2012)

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