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08 April 2021

Bindmans LLP urges Ministry of Justice to reconsider consultation deadline on Judicial Review Reform

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Our Public Law team has written to the Ministry of Justice requesting an extension to the six-week deadline for responses to the government’s consultation on Judicial Review Reform.

The consultation asks 19 questions on a range of significant proposed reforms to judicial review, including substantive and procedural changes. The consultation was launched in response to the findings of the Independent Review Panel on Administrative Law, an independent panel of experts established by the government to consider reform to judicial review. However, the government’s proposals go substantially beyond the recommendations and scope of the panel’s findings.

Given the complexity of the issues, significance of the proposals and the lack of urgency for reform, we argue the consultation should be at least 12 weeks to allow for meaningful response to the proposals. Without a proper consultation, we contend any implementation of the proposals may be fundamentally flawed and unlawful.

Please find our letter to the Ministry of Justice linked on the right hand side of this piece. 

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