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30 April 2021

Bindmans warns of ‘conspicuously unjust’ proposals in response to judicial review consultation

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We have published our response to the government’s consultation on Judicial Review Reform.

The consultation asked 19 questions on wide-ranging proposals, including changes to remedies, the boundaries of judicial review and procedure. The consultation closed on 29 April 2021, providing just six weeks for response.

Our response highlights that many of the proposed changes are neither necessary nor desirable:

The consultation creates the unfortunate impression that the government’s primary concern is protecting its own interests, as opposed to upholding the Rule of Law, Parliamentary Sovereignty and ensuring accountability. 

Bindmans’ request for an extension of time to the consultation was refused the day before the deadline for responses. 

Our response can be found on the right hand side of this piece. 

For our previous press release requesting an extension to the consultation deadline on Judicial Review Reform, click here

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