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02 June 2021

Comment: Covid-19 catch up plan for school children pitiful

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The Guardian has reported that the Covid-19 catch up plan for English pupils is pitiful compared with other countries. In response to this report, Alex Temple, solicitor in our Education Law team, comments:

The revelations in this report will be concerning to everyone in an education system that is under enormous pressure. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of children struggled to access a suitable school place. Invariably, the burden of this crisis falls most heavily on disabled children and those with special educational needs, who often need specific and individualised support to enjoy the same opportunities as their peers, and meet their full potential. At Bindmans we see this day in, day out, as children are denied access to the education and support to which they are legally entitled.

The pandemic has exacerbated this situation, as children suffered bereavement, trauma, and emergent mental health needs and services were cut back or stripped away entirely. Now, as we come out the other side, we must take seriously the crisis at the heart of the education system. If children are going to get the support they need, there must be a realistic funding commitment to ensure the system can recover and no child is left behind. Otherwise, more and more families will be turning to the legal system to enforce their fundamental right to an effective education.

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