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03 June 2024

Dr Jane Harrison calls for an independent review into mental health services following conclusion of inquest into death of her husband

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Dr Jane Harrison, whose husband Dr Kim Harrison was killed by their son who has schizophrenia, is calling for an independent review. Following the inquest, she has been speaking to the media including The Sunday Times (My schizophrenic son killed his father. We speak every day) and the BBC (Wife’s call for review after husband killed by son).

Dr Harrison spoke at length to The Sunday Times, with her son’s permission, following its investigation which highlighted the scale of mental health-related killings in Britain. In the article, she says “she believes the NHS has become used to poor mental health care and is tolerating the deaths that happen as a result.”

Earlier, she had told the BBC that she believes her son was let down at all stages of his mental health care and is now calling for an independent review of mental health services across England and Wales. “Our family has suffered immeasurable harm at the hands of managers and senior clinicians,” she said.

Dr Nicholas Kim Harrison (Kim), a renowned consultant chest surgeon, tragically died in April 2022. He had been assaulted by his son who was suffering a severe psychotic illness and had been formally detained under the Mental Health Act before absconding from his ward in Neath Port Talbot Hospital, less than an hour before the assault. Dr Harrison died of his injuries a month later.

An inquest found failures in the care of their son had “contributed” to Dr Harrison’s death.

The family are represented by Associate Solicitor Joanna Bennett of Bindmans, and Counsel Bridget Dolan KC of Serjeants’ Inn Chambers.

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