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02 September 2013

Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC recognised for his efforts to bring Pinochet to justice

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Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC has been invited to a conference on 9 September 2013 in New York on the future of universal jurisdiction over violations of human rights.

The conference is organised by the Charles Horman Truth Foundation which was established in memory of Charles Horman, an American journalist who disappeared in Chile following the military coup in September 1973 led by General Pinochet.

The event will pay tribute to the fight to expose Pinochet’s Human Rights Crimes internationally, and to prosecute those crimes in court where possible. Sir Geoffrey will receive an award for his role to bring Pinochet to justice when he came to London in 1998. He represented Amnesty International and victims of torture by the Pinochet regime in the proceedings before the House of Lords.

Please click here for further details on the conference.

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