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11 November 2016

Hillsborough Family Legal Teams including Bindmans jointly awarded the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ Award at the Modern Law Awards 2016

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We are proud to announce that our Hillsborough Team jointly won the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ Award at last night’s Modern Law Awards 2016.

Bindmans’ Hillsborough team was recognised, along with the other Family Legal Teams, for their exceptional contribution in helping the families of Hillsborough victims obtain justice and truth about the 1989 tragedy.

Bindmans represent the family of John McBrien who was only 18 when he died in the disaster.

The team, which included Najma Rasul, Saimo Chahal, Jules Carey, Lawrence Barker, Rachel Harger and Joseph Morgan, are honoured to be recognised for their work among the following eleven other organisations who acted for the Hillsborough families:

  1. Bindmans Hillsborough Team
  2. Birnberg Peirce Hillsborough Team
  3. Butcher & Barlow Hillsborough Team
  4. Broudie Jackson Canter Hillsborough Team
  5. Doughty Street Chambers Hillsborough Team
  6. EAD Solicitors Hillsborough Team
  7. Garden Court Hillsborough Team
  8. Garden Court North Hillsborough Team
  9. 1 Gray’s Inn Square Hillsborough Team
  10. Harrison Bundey Hillsborough Team
  11. Mansfield Chambers Hillsborough Team
  12. 4 Paper Buildings Hillsborough Team

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