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04 November 2020

Metropolitan Police settle claim with Paul Gambaccini

2 mins

The Metropolitan Police have settled a civil claim brought against them by Paul Gambaccini for substantial damages. 

Mr Gambaccini was arrested in 2013 in connection with Operation Yewtree. This was a high profile investigation which had attracted considerable media interest. Mr Gambaccini was identified by the national newspapers as being “Yetwtree 15”, following a number of press releases made by the police containing information about the arrest.

In our view not only should he not have been arrested, but his identity was also revealed by the press, causing him significant hurt and distress. He was kept on bail for almost an entire year, unable to work and shunned by charities which he had actively supported in the past. The case against Mr Gambaccini was then dropped.

A claim for the misuse of private information was brought against the Metropolitan Police, who have settled this claim for damages and the payment of Mr Gambaccini’s legal costs, and have apologised to him.

Jules Carey of Bindmans, representing Mr Paul Gambaccini, said: “I am extremely relieved for Paul and his husband Chris that this litigation is at an end. The actions of the MPS that caused Paul to be identified as an operation Yewtree suspect were unlawful and both he and his husband suffered greatly as a result, including the receipt of death threats. Now that Paul has received apologies and compensation for misuse of private information both from the Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service, I hope that he will be able to move on from this chapter of his life”.

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