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09 January 2024

UK accused of hypocrisy in not backing claim of genocide in Gaza before ICJ: Tayab Ali speaks to the Guardian

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Tayab Ali, head of our international law practice, has recently made a number of media appearances and contributed to articles addressing the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. This has included providing his views in an article published by the Guardian on 7 January, titled ‘UK accused of hypocrisy in not backing claim of genocide in Gaza before ICJ’.

The article addresses the accusations of double standards levied against the UK government, given it supported submissions made to the international court of justice (ICJ) in relation to the Myanmar genocide against the Rohingya ethnic group, but has not yet supported South Africa as it prepares to make its case against Israel at the ICJ.

In the article, Tayab notes that ‘it would be wholly disingenuous if the UK, six week [sic] after advancing such a significant and broad definition of genocide in the case of Myanmar, now adopts a narrow one in the case of Israel.’

Tayab is an internationally recognised and a highly respected Solicitor Advocate whose practice encompasses criminal and civil/public law in both the UK and international jurisdictions. He is regularly approached by journalists, broadcasters and various national and international news channels to provide his views and analysis of complex international law issues.

The full article can be found here:

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