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Press conference: British Parliamentarians launch Inquiry Commission to investigate the treatment and detention of Zhanbolat Mamay by the Republic of Kazakhstan

Senior British Parliamentarians have launched a non-governmental Commission of Inquiry into the detention and treatment of Zhanbolat Mamay – a popular politician, journalist, and leader of the ‘unregistered’ opposition Democratic Party in Kazakhstan.

Mr Mamay has been detained since February 2022, after being accused by Kazakh authorities of having involvement in orchestrating the January 2022 liquified gas protests. It was reported that the government response to the protests led to the death of over 227 people in a lethal crackdown that has become known as ‘Bloody January’.  

Supporters of Mr Mamay claim his arrest, detention and prosecution is an attempt by the Kazakh government to suppress opposition voices in Kazakhstan. International human rights groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have called for Mr Mamay’s immediate release, and for charges against him to be dropped.

For further information on Mr Mamay’s case, the Commission and it’s aims, read the full press release here.

To watch the press conference in the Russian language, click here.

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