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Dispute Resolution for Individuals

County Court and High Court Claims

Being involved in court proceedings can be a confusing time for individuals. There are many rules, processes and time limits which need to be complied with during the court process.

The rules governing County Court and High Court claims are called the Civil Procedure Rules or CPR and it is essential that these rules are followed when you are involved in any County Court or High Court litigation.

The Civil Procedure Rules set out what each party to a dispute needs to do and the timeframes they need to do it in. If you miss a deadline, this may have adverse consequences on your claim and can lead to your claim (or defence) being struck out, so that you can no longer pursue the claim. Alternatively, you may be penalised in respect of any costs you are able to recover or found liable to pay at the end of your dispute.

Our dispute resolution experts are able to support you throughout the County Court and High Court claims process, our lawyers offer services including:

  • Advising you in relation to whether you have a claim and whether Court proceedings are appropriate
  • Issuing court claims where you have been unable to resolve your dispute by way of pre-action correspondence
  • Defending court claims you have received a Claim Form from the Court or your opponent
  • Case management
  • Disclosure, witness statements and preparation for trial
  • Costs
  • Enforcement of judgments

Our dispute resolution lawyers advise clients on the best approach needed to achieve a positive outcome on their behalf. To get in touch with the team, submit an enquiry form here, or call +44 (0)20 7833 4433.

Our team of experts have produced Dispute Resolution Guidance Documents, designed to provide individuals and businesses with information on a range of legal matters and procedures that they might find themselves facing. To view the full range of Guidance Documents available, visit our web page here.

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