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Joseph Morgan


Actions Against Police and State

Joseph specialises in bringing civil, public law and other regulatory and disciplinary actions against the police and other public authorities.

He acts for victims of police wrongdoing, advising civil claims against the police including false imprisonment, trespass against person and property, malicious prosecution, negligence, and breaches of the Human Rights Act 1998. He is experienced at bringing complaints against police forces and fighting on behalf of clients to ensure that officers are held to account for unlawful conduct. He is also experienced at bringing group actions on behalf of protesters against police forces following mass arrests at peaceful demonstrations. 

Joseph is also experienced at acting in public inquiries. He currently represents a group of Core Participants at the Undercover Policing Inquiry, including several women who were deceived into relationships by undercover officers, and family members of deceased children whose identities were used by undercover officers. He previously acted on the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower on behalf of residents and bereaved family members.

In addition, Joseph represents bereaved families at inquests and other related investigations, specialising in cases where an individual has died in state custody or care, or following contact with state officers. He represents families of those who have died in mental health units, and advises and assists families through inquests, and on related investigations such as those by NHS Trusts, Safeguarding boards and the CQC, and on civil claims.

Joseph also advises and assists clients in removing their personal data from police databases. He has experience at negotiating the withdrawal of Fixed Penalty Notices issued under the Coronavirus Regulations, and other notices or letters issued by the police which can appear on an individual’s record.  

In 2022, Joseph represented two victims of trafficking and modern slavery in the UK, successfully securing compensation of more than £10,000 for each victim, following the police’s failures to investigate their case. Read more about the case and Joseph’s success here.

Education and career
  • Joseph studied Czech, European and International Law at the Charles University in Prague in 2012
  • He graduated from University of Nottingham with a degree in Law with European Law (LLB) in 2013
  • Prior to joining Bindmans, Joseph was a paralegal at another large firm from 2013-2014
  • Joseph qualified as a solicitor at Bindmans LLP in March 2019, after joining the firm as a paralegal in June 2015

What clients say

Joe was helping me complain against the issuance of a Prevention of Harassment Letter (PHL) ….. Joe succeeded in having the PHL withdrawn. Throughout I felt huge confidence in Joe’s calm, resolute manner. He took time to understand the issues and quickly came up with a clear plan. He progressed this steadily, working behind the scenes for me, updating me when something significant happened. I always felt that Joe was on my side, although he sometimes had to counsel me to stay calm and not rush, which I appreciated and respected. I always felt he was working as hard as possible for me and was keeping a proactive eye/ ear on my case. I now know he has lots of other clients, but it always felt like I was the only one. I felt quite early on that he believed he would win and that was wonderfully reassuring for me.

Client 2024

I truly felt confident in Joseph’s ability to conduct my case due to his genuine hard work and passion to achieve the best outcome from the situations we faced during the 3 years of the case. I would like to thank Joseph Morgan.

Client 2024

Thanks for all your work and support over the years, it would be a really tough world to live in generally without people doing what you do, and especially high stakes standing up to the state and police. I count myself quite lucky to have had access to the legal support i do and to have had you representing me.

Client 2024

In 2019 Joseph won the Westminster and Holborn Law Society’s Newly Qualified Rising Star Award

In 2016 Joseph and his Bindmans’ Hillsborough Team colleagues, jointly with other Hillsborough Family legal teams, won an Outstanding Achievement Award at the LALY Awards

Professional memberships
  • Police Action Lawyers Group (PALG)
  • Inquest Lawyers Group (ILG)
  • Westminster and Holborn Law Society

Joseph has written articles for the Solicitor’s Journal and for LexisNexis PSL on the developing laws around mass state surveillance