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Jude Lanchin


Crime, Fraud and Regulatory

Jude is an associate in our Crime, Fraud and Regulatory team. She is a highly sought-after defence lawyer with almost 30 years of experience.

She has an outstanding reputation in a range of areas including murder, firearms, drugs supply/importation, money-laundering and large-scale confiscation, protest/public disorder, and fraud/white-collar crime. She is particularly regarded for her tactical skills, and her ability and experience in dealing with difficult clients and cases involving young people.

Jude is a known heavyweight in relation to youth justice and is passionate about ensuring that children and young adults get appropriate representation and guidance throughout the youth justice system. She is equally passionate about her representation of defendants charged after interactions with the police.

Jude is also highly respected for her serious street crime and gang-related work. She represented many clients prosecuted after the 2011 London riots, and continues to act for a number of North London defendants in relation to gang-related murders, attempted murders and other criminal activity, and is renowned for her exceptional track record in this complex area of law.

She inspires huge client confidence and is known as an assertive, dedicated and fearless lawyer, with very considerable agility when negotiating the complexities of criminal litigation and practice.

Jude has also acted for a number of high-profile clients on a wide variety of allegations and issues. Her clients have included the employee of a London celebrity nightclub, the relative of a Premier League footballer, DJ’s and others in the music/club scene, and staff of national charities.

Hisotrically, Jude has always worked on legal aid cases, and continues to do so. However, she now also brings the vast experience and expertise gained from these cases to private work. As with her legal aid work, she regularly receives personal referrals for private work due to her reputation for excellence, dedication and fearless defence work.

Her private cases span a large range of advice and representation, including:

  • A young woman of good character accused of public order offence involving a neighbour, an ex-police officer
  • A woman with a significant history of sexual and physical abuse, accused of harassment of her ex-partner
  • A student accused of a drunken assault in a nightclub
  • A student accused of criminal damage during an environmental protest
  • A young man accused of public order offence following an incident with police

Jude also carries out a range of private semi-criminal work, such as providing advice for inquests, advice for women on the prosecution of abusive partners, and advising a young witness with mental health issues. 

Jude was recently approached by LBC for expert comment regarding court backlogs and the current state of the criminal courts system. Read the full piece here.

If you would like to make an enquiry, please call the Crime, Fraud and Regulatory team’s direct number on +44 (0)20 7014 2020.

Education and career
  • Jude trained at Bindmans LLP from 1992-94, qualifying in 1994
  • She then worked as a freelance lawyer (primarily for Bindmans LLP) from 1994-95
  • From 1995-1999, she worked for a large solicitors firm in London
  • Jude returned to Bindmans LLP in 1999, and was made an associate in 2008 

Jude has extensive experience in defending in a range of serious and complex cases and in working with many different clients.

Some of her more notable work and cases are as follows:

R v AB

  • A lengthy and complex case involving allegations of blackmail, drug-dealing and a multi-million pound confiscation spanning 3 jurisdictions, against alleged Head of the Kurdish/Turkish mafia in London

R v LA and Others 

  • A multi-handed youth case involving allegations of murder, sexual assault, kidnap and imprisonment of 2 young women

R v AR and Others

  • 4-handed youth homicide using a car as a weapon

R v PB

  • Vast and complex fraud and confiscation across several jurisdictions

R v NS and Anthr

  • Allegations of contempt and perverting the course of justice against a former solicitor

R v CG

  • GBH allegation against an NHS consultant from a well-known London hospital

R v JP

  • High-profile juvenile actor on allegations of sexual assault and rape, in case involving complex legal and factual issues


  • Major heavyweight fraud case, involving allegations of £1.7 million worth of claims against Libyan Investment Authority and former Ghaddafi personnel

R v MW and Others

  • A multi-handed trial and confiscation involving control of prostitution and £12 million, large-scale money laundering;

R v BG

  • A high-profile fraud and money-laundering case involving a former solicitor defendant, Nigerian assets, DFID, allegations of police corruption

R v TT

  • Alleged heavyweight Liverpool ‘gangster’, arrested by SOCA in Spain amidst a filmed media frenzy; highly complex legal issues including extradition, appeal

In addition, Jude acted for approximately 30 defendants on charges arising from the 2011 riots, including the very serious disorder in Tottenham and Hackney; her clients included the son of a woman killed in a high-profile death in custody case. In the face of media outrage and the demand for high sentences, she secured a number of acquittals and lower sentences

She has previously acted for suspects in the PC Blakelock investigation and continues to represent a number of North London suspects in respect of allegedly gang-related murders, attempted murders and other gang-connected crime

Jude also has a considerable profile in the ‘protest community’ and at any given time, will have protesters among her clients. She has successfully defended students and many other protesters involved in a range of issues. A recent case concerned a protest involving Israel/Palestine and UEFA

Jude has also acted for and advised a considerable number of high-profile clients on a wide variety of allegations and issues. Her clients have included the employee of a London celebrity nightclub, the relative of a Premier League footballer, a DJ and other members of a well-known national radio station and staff of national charities

She continues to receive numerous personal referrals due to her reputation


What clients say

Her professional capability inspires and her attention to details reassures; mix this with the rare personal quality of excellent communication, and you have a winning combination for a lawyer. Brilliant with both myself and the police, I felt both safe and privileged to have her taking my case

Jude’s clear, incisive, no-nonsense approach combined with her genuine concern for me, steered me through the complexities of the legal system. In doing so, she gave me the support and guidance I needed at a very vulnerable time in my life; for that I will be for ever grateful

Due to Jude’s diligence in all aspects of the case, she and the QC were able to present a solid and viable defence. I know that all of Jude’s preparation and on-going support throughout the trial was a major reason for the truth coming out and my acquittal. I truly thank her

You will never find a solicitor as brilliant as Jude

Without your inexhaustible support, I would never have pulled through…I shall never forget the moment I was found not guilty

Chambers and Partners 2024
  • Jude is ranked Band 3 in Crime.
  • Feedback says, “Jude is a great solicitor with really brilliant judgement.”
Legal 500 2024
  • Jude is also ranked ‘Rising Star’ in Crime: General.
Chambers and Partners 2023
  • Jude is ranked as Band 3 in Crime
  • “Jude Lanchin possesses deep experience in criminal defence. She is well known for her expertise in serious cases relating to criminal gang activity, including drugs supply, violent disorder and murder”
  • “Jude is unquestionably an expert in gang-related matters and relentless in the best way”
  • Feedback says “She really fights for her clients and is very impressive”
  • Jude is recognised as a ‘Rising Star’ in Crime: general
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