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15 February 2022

Care workers added to the shortage occupation list

2 mins

As of today (15 February 2022), and following a change to the Immigration Rules published on 24 January 2022, care workers have been added to the shortage occupation list, which implements a Home Office announcement made on 24 December last year to alleviate staff shortages in the social care sector. The changes are temporary – in place for 12 months to start with, after which they will be reviewed. 

Placing care workers (as well as care assistants and home care workers) on the shortage occupation list makes the role eligible under the Skilled Worker route of the Immigration Rules, disapplying the usual skill level, and means that employers can recruit care workers from abroad. The minimum salary paid must be £20,480 per year or £10.10 per hour. Employers will need to hold a sponsor licence to employ workers from abroad, and they will also need to apply for, and assign, certificates of sponsorship to workers to enable them to apply for visas to come to the UK to work. 

Our Immigration team can assist with sponsor licence applications and advise about all other immigration issues related to employing workers from abroad, so please get in touch if you need help or have any queries.

See the statement of changes to the Immigration Rules here.

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