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18 June 2024

Asylum: Cross Examination podcast

1 min

Immigration partner Roberta Haslam speaks on the latest Cross Examination podcast, hosted by Tom Cross, about asylum.

Issues discussed include the legal meaning of asylum, how persecution is assessed, the current entitlements for asylum seekers and the Safety of Rwanda Act 2024, which was passed shortly before this recording.

During the podcast, we hear from ‘Mr A’, an asylum-seeker who fled Sierra Leone having been captured and beaten by the rebels during the civil war but whose asylum claim in the UK failed, leading to two decades of unsettled status.

Roberta has considerable in-depth experience in advising applicants seeking safety in the UK, including those claiming asylum or humanitarian protection. Her clients seek protection for a broad range of reasons, including politically motivated persecution and for gender-based harm. She also regularly advises on applications human rights claims, including on the basis of physical or mental health, as well as family life.

Listen to the podcast here:

Our Immigration team are renowned for their expertise in helping the most vulnerable members of society seek international protection in the UK. For more information on our immigration services for individuals, see here.

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