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30 June 2020

CBI urges UK immigration and training rethink due to skills gap

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“The CBI efforts to press upon the UK government the importance of an open, accessible, practical immigration system which will allow UK employers to recruit from around the world highlight the negative impact of the seemingly unending government rhetoric of tighter border control.” Liz Barratt comments.

“Even this government has had to recognise the huge contribution made by overseas workers to public services, including of course to the NHS and care sector. The UK’s higher education system has already suffered the negative consequences of UK immigration policy rendering UK universities a less attractive destination for overseas students than many other countries. At a time when the UK is facing a very uncertain future not only in the wake of Covid 19 but in our departure from the EEA the government should drop its rhetoric and pay heed to those who understand in practical terms what the negative consequences are of a very restrictive and  expensive immigration system.”

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