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17 January 2022

Comment: further investment towards the Family Mediation Scheme

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Today, the government has announced further investment towards the Family Mediation Scheme. Hannah Marshall, solicitor in our Family and Matrimonial team, comments:

The government has invested a further £1.3 million towards the Family Mediation Scheme, first launched in March 2021. This scheme is designed to assist families with resolving disputes out of court, instead of issuing court proceedings.

Since the scheme was launched, 4,400 government funded vouchers have been used to settle disputes concerning child contact issues, or to resolve finances for separating couples.

Today’s funding will provide 2,440 additional vouchers for mediation services across the country. Each voucher is worth £500 and can be used by couples to access mediation with the aim of reducing the number of applications made to the courts, which are already overrun and oversubscribed.

It is hoped that reaching an early agreement, via dispute resolution, will save more families from engaging in costly legal proceedings and protect children from the harmful effects of court based litigation.

Our Family and Matrimonial team offer expert advice in relation to mediation. For more information, visit our web page here.

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