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05 January 2022

Comment: Pragna Patel stands down as Director of Southall Black Sisters

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Today, Pragna Patel has stood down from her position as Director of Southall Black Sisters (SBS). Liz Barratt and Emma Cohen of our Immigration team comment on the impact of Pragna and her work over the years: 

Pragna was a founding member of SBS in 1979, and has been fearless and inspirational in her campaigning work around racism and sexism ever since. She has been at the forefront of many public campaigns challenging racism and sexism.

We, in the Immigration team at Bindmans, are very proud to have worked alongside Pragna and SBS over many years in our immigration work and we know that Pragna and SBS were the force behind significant changes to the immigration rules for victims of domestic abuse over the years. She and SBS also campaigned successfully to get transnational marriage abandonment recognised as a form of domestic abuse in family law. We wish Pragna well in whatever her next role or campaign will be, and we look forward to continuing to work with Southall Black Sisters.

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