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18 June 2021

E-scooters and the increase in personal injury claims

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In a previous blog, we noted that the popularity of e-scooters has led to an increase in personal injury claims arising from collisions with other road users and pedestrians.

Incidents involving e-scooters

Last Sunday was the latest of a number of high profile incidents involving an e-scooter, where a man suffered a serious head injury after a collision with a car in west London. He is currently being treated in hospital. Previous high profile incidents include:

  • In 2019, a TV presenter and YouTuber, Emily Hartridge died riding her e-scooter when it hit a lorry on the Queen’s Circus roundabout in Battersea, London;
  • in Liverpool, two men have been banned from driving for 16 months after riding erratically on the e-scooters while also over the alcohol limit. Of course, reckless use poses a danger to themselves and other road users and pedestrians;
  • in May 2021, a young boy aged 6 suffered a fractured skull after being hit by an e-scooter rider in Leicester. In addition to his physical injuries, the boy now suffers severe anxiety.

The new government trial and resulting incidents

Despite these tragic incidents, London recently became the latest city to take part in a UK-wide government scheme trialing e-scooter rentals. Although there have been many benefits with the introduction of e-scooters, such as the positive effects on the environment, accessibility, and affordability, many are concerned by the risk they pose to riders, other road users, and pedestrians.

So far, according to London Met’s Roads and Transport Policing Command, there have been several incidents involving ‘serious injuries to riders.’

Incidents are still being underreported. The observations made by the London Met’s Roads and Transport Policing Command are in line with the national statistics that there has been a gradual increase in reported incidents involving e-scooters over the last four years. Although these reported cases will likely involve illegal e-scooters, the government’s own e-scooter trial which has been rolled out in most of the UK’s major cities has seen more than seventy people injured during the trials so far, with eleven individuals suffering serious injuries.

The future for e-scooters

It is likely that e-scooters will remain the future of travel and although more legislation is expected to help protect the riders, other road users, and pedestrians, we believe the increase in popularity of e-scooters will inevitably result in a rise in injuries and possible personal injury claims.

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