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09 September 2021

Fresher’s Week part one: university sexual misconduct investigations - when things go wrong

2 mins

These can all be enjoyed safely and pleasurably and can open up so many opportunities for your child’s future, but sometimes things can go wrong. When they do, the consequences can be devastating and life changing, with more extreme cases leading to university misconduct investigations that result in expulsion from the university, and even exclusion from their ability to practice in certain professions. Reputations can be ruined and friendships lost, and what should be the most fulfilling time can become the most destructive.

Since #MeToo and #Everyonesinvited, we at Bindmans have seen an increase in university sexual misconduct investigations and proceedings. Every university and even colleges within the same university have different procedures, some a lot fairer than others. Some openly refuse legal representation to be allowed, some make it conditional, some welcome it. If you or your son/daughter become subject to a university misconduct investigation it is essential that swift and experienced expert legal advice is obtained at the outset. Sexual misconduct investigations can be swift and statement taking or interviews can take place within a few days of the formal complaint being made. Depending on the nature of the allegation and the wishes of the complainant, the police may be informed, and the student may be suspended immediately. Appeal time limits can be short.

University should be a life changing experience, but for all the right reasons.

Our Education, Criminal and Regulatory team here at Bindmans has vast expertise in University Misconduct Investigations and can advise you in relation to these. For further information please contact Kate Goold, call +44 (0)20 7014 2020, or visit our University misconduct complaints web page

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