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04 July 2018

Has the time come for action on part-time season tickets?

2 mins

The recent rail timetable changes have caused misery for thousands of commuters whose train services have been heavily delayed or cancelled.  To add insult to injury, many women who work part-time find themselves having to queue up every morning to buy expensive daily return fares because they are priced out of season tickets altogether.

The fares system in England and Wales is based on an outdated model of 9-5 commuting which does not cater to modern working practices. Women (who are more likely to work part-time) are consistently hit hardest.  Not only do part-time workers pay more per journey than season ticket holders despite putting less pressure on the rail system, they also miss out on additional benefits such as automatic compensation for delays, discounts on other services and price locks on future travel.

The Government has repeatedly promised to tackle this unfairness. A rail franchising competition is underway on the East Midlands Line presenting a perfect opportunity for change. But the franchise has been offered on the same, antiquated terms with no provision for part-time season tickets. So is now the time for women to take action in the courts?  Exciting plans underway. Contact Salima Budhani for information. 

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