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31 July 2020

Immigration clients misled by solicitor

2 mins

The Law Society’s recent report that an immigration solicitor has been struck off for misleading immigration clients and falsifying documents, highlighted the problems experienced by many clients who require immigration advice. The process for immigration related applications usually requires strict adherence to time limits and guidelines. Failing to comply with these, can have devastating consequences.  

We receive many instructions from clients who have suffered from poor immigration advice.  Sometimes it is possible to retrieve the situation, and our immigration department can provide advice on the next steps.  Our experienced professional negligence team can also assist clients in claiming damages for if their solicitors or immigration advisers have been negligent. The losses caused by negligence can be high, particularly if the negligence results in wrongful imprisonment or loss of employment.

We know that funding a professional negligence case can be problematical for most individuals. Many potential claimants are also intimidated by the prospect of litigation and having to fund an action privately when litigation costs are high and the outcome uncertain.  When a claim has good prospects of success we will therefore act under a conditional fee arrangement (no win no fee), which means that our fees are not paid unless and until we make a recovery. We will also do our best to achieve a negotiated resolution so that the stress and the costs of litigation can be avoided. The courts now encourage parties to a dispute to settle early where possible and there can be adverse costs consequences for defendants who unreasonably refuse to engage in negotiations. We have achieved good results for clients through without prejudice negotiations and mediations.

If you think that your advisers have been negligent, and you have suffered adverse consequences, then please contact us so that we can advise you on the best way forward.

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