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Professional Negligence

Claims Against Solicitors and Barristers

Although a full review of any case is required to assess a potential claim, here are some examples of how other lawyers could have been professionally negligent.

Personal injury and medical negligence / litigation claims

  • Failure to start court proceedings within the deadline set by law
  • Evidence or a claim being struck out following a failure to obey a court order or deadline
  • Not advising a client on all the funding options so they miss out on a better funding option
  • Failure to advise a client about litigation insurance to cover the opponent’s legal costs
  • Suing the wrong Defendant
  • Instructing an inappropriate expert  whose report or evidence causes the case to be damaged or collapse
  • Failure to approach a key witness
  • Advising the client to accept a low offer where the evidence justified a much higher settlement figure
  • Advising that a good offer should be rejected and later on getting less at trial or in further negotiations
  • Following a barrister’s advice when they were clearly wrong.

Conveyancing/property transactions

  • Failure to check plans so a buyer does not receive ownership of part of their property
  • Failure to spot the property does not have planning permission or has harsh planning permission restrictions
  • Proceeding with a purchase where there are no rights of way to access the property or part of it and failing to advise on restrictive access
  • Not advising a buyer about restrictive clauses in business or residential leases which impact on the use or value of the property
  • Failure to ask for building regulation certificates which would have identified defects in the property
  • Failure to carry out appropriate searches or advise you upon the likely consequences of the search results.

Preparation of Wills

  • Failure to prepare a Will within a reasonable time when the testator is seriously ill
  • Preparing a Will which does not represent the testator’s wishes
  • Failure to check the Will was executed correctly
  • Failure to inform the testator of the circumstances where a Will becomes invalid or obsolete.


  • Failure to undertake a proper investigation of the other party’s finances
  • Advising a client to accept a settlement where all the evidence justified rejection of the offer
  • Following a barrister’s advice when they were clearly wrong
  • Undersettling financial matters on divorce
  • Failure to adequately investigate or take into account pensions when settling financial matters
  • Failing to apply for or obtain an injunction resulting in a client experiencing injury or distress
  • Failure to take adequate legal steps to prevent removal of a child from the jurisdiction.


  • Missing the deadline for submitting an unfair dismissal, discrimination or redundancy claim
  • Undersettling a claim
  • Failure to gather key evidence
  • Not following a client’s instructions
  • Not obeying directions so evidence is excluded.

Immigration advisers

  • Failure to submit evidence or paperwork within deadlines so the application is denied
  • Failure to gather key evidence
  • Failure to understand or apply the relevant law.

If you think your legal representative has been professionally negligent do not hesitate to contact us , we can provide an initial free assessment and take you through the process, step by step. We advise on funding so clients can consider a variety of funding methods and where possible we offer a no win, no fee payment option.

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