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04 August 2020

New immigration application fees – a missed opportunity

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The Government have published an update to the fees for immigration applications.  The changes relate to the significant reduction for fees for NHS health care workers.

This is good news, but the announcement is not all about good news: the government has been under significant pressure to reduce the fees paid by young people who have lived in the UK for the majority of their lives, who, in echoes of the Dreamers in the United States have been referred to as the  European Dreamer Generation.

Typically, young people who are seeking to regularise their immigration position in the UK have to make repeated applications over ten years, and each time pay an application fee of £1,033 and the Immigration Health Surcharge currently £400 per year, but due to rise on 1 October to £624 per year. The fact that the Home Office has chosen not to recognize that young people who have lived the majority of their lives in the UK deserve to be able to regularise their position without being charged extortionate fees is a missed opportunity.

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