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12 August 2022

Good news about UKVI Priority Visas and Super Priority Visas

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Good news about UKVI Priority Visas and Super Priority Visas

On 12 August 2022, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) announced the partial restoration of Priority Visas and Super Priority Visa services for work and student visas. 

These have been suspended for some months due to the pressure on entry clearance processes as a result of the Ukraine crisis: resources were moved from usual visa processing, to processing applications from Ukrainians seeking safety in the UK.

This is good news for Skilled Workers and their families, and those applying under the Global Talent route. But there are some limitations. There are still no priority services available for InnovatorStart-up and High Potential Individual visas.

There are limited priority services available for visitors, but both types of priority service are still suspended for family applications. 

Standard work-related visas are currently taking an average of four weeks to be processed, and it is sensible to apply for all visas as early as possible.

As of 16 August 2022, UK Visas and Immigration announced further good news about the restoration of Priority and Super Priority Visas for new student visas. Read more about this here.  

It is to be hoped that the priority services for all applications will be restored soon. In the meantime, find out more about the current processing delays here

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