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29 May 2020

Understanding the rules around adding family members on your UK visa

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If you have applied for a UK Visa on the basis of your relationship with a British citizen or someone who is settled in the UK, you may want to consider if you can bring your children or other family members with you. Our immigration team explains the rules around visas for children, parents and other members of your immediate family.

Can I apply to bring my children with me to the UK on my partner visa? 

Yes, dependent children can accompany a person who is applying for a partner visa. There will be additional fees for each child who is applying. For each non-British child applying the financial requirement to be met increases, starting with £3,800 for the first child and £2,400 for each additional child. 

My children are over 18, can I still apply for them to come to the UK with me on my partner visa?

No, not as a dependant on a partner visa. A child must be under 18, unmarried and not living an independent life at the time of the first application. You may want to seek advice from a solicitor about whether any other routes may be an option for them. 

I am a British citizen. Can I apply for a visa for my non-British child to join me in the UK?

A child under 18 whose parents have indefinite leave to remain or who are British citizens can apply for a visa for their child to live with them in the UK. If only one parent is in the UK, that parent will need to show they have sole responsibility for the child unless there are serious and compelling factors which justify the child bring granted leave. There are additional requirements, including relating to accommodation and the monies available. 

Parents and other dependant relatives

Can I apply for a UK visa to bring my parents to live with me? 

There is provision within the immigration rules to bring adult dependant relatives to the UK in very limited circumstances.

The applicants must be able to show:

  • They need long-term care to do everyday personal and household tasks because of illness, disability or their age
  • The care they need is not available or affordable in the country they live in
  • The sponsor will be able to support, accommodate and care for them without claiming public funds for at least five years
  • They are 18 or over

I am in the UK on a temporary visa, can I apply for a UK visa for my parents to join me?

No. In order for parents to make such an application, their sponsor must be a British citizen, settled permanently in the UK (have indefinite leave to remain) or be a refugee/hold humanitarian protection. Individuals on a short-term visa (for example a student or Tier 2 worker) cannot sponsor family members other than their partners/partners and children under 18. 

Can I sponsor other family members to apply for a UK visa to join me?

Applications by adult dependant relatives are usually made by parents of a sponsor. Other relatives may apply if they are related to the sponsor as a grandparent, sibling or adult child. They will have to meet the same requirements as parents which are set out above. Applications under the adult dependant relative rules are extremely difficult given the very stringent requirements and we strongly advise that legal advice is sought before any application is made. Our solicitors have extensive expertise in these applications.  

You can find more helpful information around UK Visas here.

Should you have any questions about making a visa application as a family member, please contact our team of Immigration experts.

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