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12 February 2021

18 asylum seekers released from Napier Barracks

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Bindmans have been instructed by residents at Napier Barracks and have secured the release of 18 asylum seekers within the last two weeks.

Our clients, who include victims of torture and trafficking, had been detained by the Home Office in appalling conditions at Napier Barracks. The Home Office failed to put in place protective measures which allowed Covid-19 to ravage the camp and placed all of our clients’ health at risk.

The team representing the residents are very pleased that the Home Office has released our clients and transferred them to more appropriate accommodation. However we are concerned that other vulnerable people continue to be detained at Napier Barracks. We hope that the Home Office will close the Barracks to ensure no one is forced to live in such unsuitable accommodation whilst they wait for the Home Office to consider their asylum claims, and will urgently review the use of other former army barracks sites to accommodate vulnerable asylum seekers.

The solicitors instructed were: Basmah Sahib, Caroline Robinson, Jessie Brennan, Rachel Harger, Shirin Marker and Theodora Middleton. Greg Ó Ceallaigh from Garden Court Chambers was instructed by all.

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