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15 January 2021

Bindmans LLP leads the way for gender diversity

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London firm, Bindmans LLP, ranks top in the Legal 500 directory for the highest number of ranked women.

The Legal 500 who are an independent Legal Directory carried out research into the diversity of law firms based in London. Looking specifically at London firms with a minimum of 20 people ranked in the directory, Bindmans has the highest overall percentage of ranked women. Three-quarters of all of its ranked individuals are female placing it at 76%. In comparison to other similar sized firms in the table we are the only firm to achieve over 70%.

As a firm we have always had policies in place to stop discrimation amongst our employees. Katie Wheatley, head of Crime, Fraud and Regulatory, comments: ‘We’ve had family-friendly policies for decades and it has borne fruit now – people work extremely hard, but we don’t have a presenteeism culture.’

Not only to be the top firm in London for ranked women, we also come second for the number of women ranked as a rising star. Not only does this continue to show our dedication to having a diverse work force but also the emphasis we place at nurturing new and young talent.

Bindmans are proud to be recognised for championing diversity and equality as a firm. A full view of the rankings can be found here.

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