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30 April 2024

Bindmans partners with Stride Forward, empowering those with life-changing injuries through transformative mentoring

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Bindmans’ Medical Negligence and Personal Injury team are thrilled to partner with Stride Forward, a new charity dedicated to empowering individuals navigating the aftermath of life-changing injuries.

In the wake of such injuries, previous work, educational pursuits and hobbies frequently slip out of reach, creating disruptions and formidable challenges to the individual’s sense of self and overall well-being.

By facilitating transformative mentoring relationships, Stride Forward helps those affected with life changing injuries, to rediscover purpose and embrace new possibilities with resilience and dignity.

Our partnership with Stride Forward coincides with Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month which runs throughout April. Its aim is to raise awareness and to empower those who live with the loss of a limb or limb differences.

Jon Crocker comments:

Having worked for many years with individuals suffering traumatic and life changing limb loss injuries, we understand the profound impact these injuries can have on every aspect of someone’s life. We are delighted to be supporting the valuable work of Stride Forward to guide the individuals they collaborate with back to an active and purposeful life.

How can we help you?

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