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05 June 2020

Black Lives Matter

2 mins

At Bindmans LLP, we believe firmly that the law should deliver justice and do so equally. In our view, as a country and a global society, we fall short of achieving this aim, and such equality can only be achieved once we collectively as members of a global society, a country, in our communities and in our work places take active steps to end the historic plague of systemic and institutionalised racism that has for decades disproportionately disadvantaged the Black community in the UK as well as in the USA and other countries across the world.

George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent attempts to silence the efforts of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement are the most recent examples of the systemic devaluation and brutalisation that Black people face in our society.

Bindmans LLP stands in solidarity and unity with the BLM movement, and we are committed to using our privilege and resources towards ensuring that BLM and those fighting for justice in our Black communities are adequately supported, protected and represented fairly in the justice system.

We must challenge all structures which facilitate the silencing, brutalisation and subjugation of Black people in our community, including those which exist within the legal system. We also acknowledge the over-representation of Black people seeking justice or being criminalised in our legal system and the under-representation of the same people in our legal profession. We must do better and we remain committed to developing and improving this,  both internally and externally.

Bindmans LLP stands in solidarity with a number of organisations that continue to help lead the fight against institutional racism, which include:

  • Black Lives Matter (UK and USA)
  • Grenfell United
  • INQUEST Charity
  • Kids of Colour
  • Operation Black Vote (UK)
  • Runnymede Trust
  • Southall Black Sisters (UK)
  • Stopwatch UK
  • Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust (UK)

Now more than ever, the time for silence is over.

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