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14 October 2020

Client story – Worcester Park fire survivor talks about her experience

1 min

Times Radio’s podcast has featured an extended interview with our client Danielle Mikkelsen. Danielle was a victim of the Worcester Park fire in 2019 and sadly her house was destroyed along with sixty other residents. They lived in Richmond House, which was built by Berkeley Homes, and sold to Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing Association, who sold it on to residents. Many residents were key workers, including nurses, social workers, and postal workers. Today it’s clear basic construction errors led to the fire. An independent fire investigation survey commissioned by Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing Association found missing and inadequate cavity barriers that slow the spread of fire and hot gases. We are helping Danielle and the residents hold Berkeley Homes and Metropolitan to account and claim damages to get their lives back on track.

In the podcast, Danielle outlines her story in the episode ‘Investigation: Safe as houses?’ which you can listen to here.

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