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15 October 2021

CPS drop terrorism charges against alleged administrator of anarchist website

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In one of the only prosecutions of an alleged anarchist under modern terrorism legislation in the UK, not guilty verdicts have been recorded in relation to four terrorism charges against Toby Shone after the Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence in respect of the charges.  

Mr Shone had been charged with providing a service enabling others to access terrorist publications contrary to section 2 of the Terrorism Act 2006, fundraising for terrorist purposes contrary to section 15 of the Terrorism Act 2000, and two counts of possession of information likely to be useful to a terrorist contrary to section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000. He had pleaded not guilty to these charges earlier this year and was due to stand trial at Bristol Crown Court on 6 October 2021 until the charges were dropped.

Mr Shone, who has suffered from cancer, cancer-related depression and suspected PTSD, pleaded guilty on a reduced basis to eight psychedelic drug offences. These included joint possession of class A drugs including LSD and psilocybin (magic mushrooms) with intent to supply on a non-commercial basis, offering to supply a class A drug, DMT, to a friend, production of a class B drug, cannabis, and simple possession of class A drugs, DMT and MDMA, and a class B drug, THC oil.

Mr Shone pleaded guilty on the basis that he was using these drugs to treat his medical conditions. Any supply was to friends and visitors on a non-commercial basis.

On Wednesday 13 October, he was sentenced to three years and nine months’ imprisonment. He has already served eight months of his sentence.

Toby Shone was represented by Tayab Ali and Patrick Ormerod of Bindmans LLP, and Tom Wainwright and Owen Greenhall of Garden Court Chambers. His legal team also included Gavin Kendall, Grace Benton, Hannah Cheesebrough and Lodovica Degan.

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