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16 June 2020

Jude Lanchin acts for the partner of man tasered in Tottenham

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Millard Scott, the father of rapper Wretch 32, was tasered in his own home by police. 5 officers armed with tasers attended the family home during the lockdown, to arrest one young man for an offence allegedly committed several months before. Read and see the full story below.

His partner – a 52 year old woman of good character – was arrested for allegedly obstructing officers. She completely denies this allegation.  Jude Lanchin comments “the whole approach of the police from the moment they arrived at the house, was heavy-handed and unnecessarily aggressive. This is yet another example of the over-use of tasers against black men. They are 8 times more likely to have tasers drawn/used on them than white men; in the light of this, the National Police Chiefs Council has now announced it is commissioning independent research into this issue. It remains to be seen whether this report will actually change the use of tasers on the ground; as with so much which has already gone before, the facts are clear but the practice does not change.”

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