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20 June 2024

Tamsin Allen comments on children’s online safety quoted in TechDay

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Tamsin Allen, Head of our Media and Information Law team, has been quoted in a TechDay article discussing Ofcom’s proposals regarding children’s safety online. The article appears in a number of TechDay sites including IT Brief UK, Security Brief UK, The Ultimate Guide to Compliance and ChannelLife UK.

The article explains the proposals Ofcom is seeking to put in place to protect children on social media and the increasing concern over online harm that children face on a daily basis, with exposure to age-restricted or illegal content.

In the article, Tamsin says:

The Online Safety Act was heralded as a new way to protect children online. Ofcom’s proposals are an encouraging first step, but the proof of their commitment will be in their willingness to impose sanctions on big tech for compliance failures. The Act gives them new powers to fine companies up to 10% of global turnover, huge sums which could finally penetrate big tech’s armour.

Tamsin Allen is a highly experienced media lawyer with a focus on defamation and privacy, whistleblowing, information and data protection, copyright and human rights.   

To find out more about Tamsin, see her bio here.
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