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30 April 2024

Tamsin Allen to speak at the Media Disputes: Defamation, Privacy & Reputation Management Forum

2 mins

Tamsin Allen, partner in our Media and Information Law team, will be speaking at The Media Disputes: Defamation, Privacy & Reputation Management Forum 2024 on Thursday 16 May.

Tamsin will be on the panel session for Assessing Routes to Justice in Relation to Swift Resolution and Managing Client Costs, discussing the affordability of fighting cases, and taking a deeper look into methods which would make legal fees affordable for clients. She will also be speaking on the current state of resolution, including settlement and litigation.

The forum will be sponsored by Thought Leaders 4 Disputes and will cover topics relating to current developments in media litigation, including adapting to risks posed by AI, procedures relating to the management of clients’ reputations, and navigating challenges within the realm of media disputes.

There will also be over 20 media law specialists providing their opinions and insights throughout the event, including Adam Cannon, Director of Legal at The Sun Newspaper News UK. Additionally, this event will also feature a range of interactive sessions which will enable attendees to engage with key live cases, as well as updates from the Regulatory Authority on the latest investigations within media litigation.

The forum will take place from 09.00 – 17.05 at One Whitehall Place, London, SW1A 2HE.

For more information on The Media Disputes: Defamation, Privacy & Reputation Management Forum 2024, and to book tickets, please click here.

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