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05 July 2017

Assisted dying - legal and ethical issues arising in the case of Omid T

Humanists UK, Bindmans LLP and the New College of the Humanities supported by FATE and My Death My Decision, hosted a unique event where they debated the timely and momentous subject of Assisted Dying.  The speakers are closely involved with this subject and they set out personal, legal and ethical view points throughout.  In this podcast you will hear from Pavan Dhaliwal, Professor A.C. Grayling of the New College of Humanities, academic expert Penney Lewis, Saimo Chahal QC (Hon) of Bindmans LLP and Paul Bowen QC of Brick Court Chambers (Omid’s lawyers), as well as Lauren Nicklinson and Elaine Spector. 

Omid, a 54 year old man, was diagnosed with an incurable disease in 2014 and he is now seeking to change the law in the UK so he can have a dignified death.

This event was also an opportunity for attendees to make a donation towards Omid’s case. You can still support Omid by donating on his CrowdJustice page, or by filling in this form. 

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