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Public Law and Judicial Review

Criminal Records, DBS Certificates and Police Information

We are uniquely placed to assist in disputes with the police and DBS regarding the issuing of cautions and harassment warnings, the retention and disclosure of policing information as well as DBS barring decisions and appeals.

Advising and representing individuals in disputes regarding criminal records and policing information is a key area of our expertise, drawing on our unrivalled civil liberties experience and our track record of successfully challenging decisions through courts and up to the Supreme Court. 

Of course, most of our successes will never reach court, let alone make headlines, and that is exactly our objective: sensitive, decisive and effective action to tackle problems at an early stage.

Our highly experienced solicitors offer a wide range of services relating to criminal records and policing information, including:

  • Advising professionals on the filtering of criminal records
  • Challenging recently issued cautions and warnings and bringing about the deletion of old cautions from police records
  • Securing corrections to inaccurate police records and obtaining compensation for inaccurate information
  • Liaising with police and probation in relation to notification requirements
  • Challenging police decisions to issue harassment warning notices
  • Dealing with Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate disputes
  • Advising and representing clients with regard to DBS barring decisions and appeals

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